How To Let Go Of Judgement

Letting go of judgement is the path to inner peace When we judge another person, what we are really doing is hurting ourselves. Judging others does not make us feel good. Deep down, on a cellular level, we know that we are all connected, we know that judgement is a low vibration and we know… Continue reading How To Let Go Of Judgement

How To Find My Core Values

When we are living and working in alignment with our core values, things feel good. What are my core values?    Well, firstly let’s define what a value actually is. Values are a set of beliefs that are important to us and will influence our decisions, our actions, our behaviours and how we show up… Continue reading How To Find My Core Values

Letting Go Of Unwanted Emotions and False Beliefs

When you are in the ‘seat of consciousness’, you get to witness your emotions. How do you ‘let go’?   You hear about it and read about it all the time. Letting go- of emotions, of fears, of ‘limiting beliefs’ (Note: you won’t be aware they are limiting beliefs; to you they are just beliefs until… Continue reading Letting Go Of Unwanted Emotions and False Beliefs

Where Does Your Energy Flow?

Our energy is our intrinsic link to what our mind and body knows is best. Have you noticed your energy?    Do you pay attention to where it is flowing?    To the ease and speed in which it flows?    Our energy can give us so many clues about what is going on for… Continue reading Where Does Your Energy Flow?

How To Manage Overwhelm

E-motion is energy in motion. It ebbs and it flows, it comes and it goes, and there is a wonderful art of allowing that. When we encounter situations that are challenging, sometimes with that can come higher levels of stress and anxiety. Having strong emotions about a difficult situation is absolutely okay. We are human.… Continue reading How To Manage Overwhelm