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Powerful motivation

“I contacted Zoe as I had recently changed jobs but I still wanted to pursue helping others which my new role would not give me the opportunities to do so. I had some ideas but was unsure and not feeling motivated. After speaking with Zoe she helped clarify the actions I needed to take.

Zoe gave me space to think and felt listened and understood by her but also felt she challenged me to think differently. One session which stuck with me was when we did a mindfulness exercise which I found to be powerful and helped give me perspective. Zoe helped increase my motivation and confidence to complete my actions towards achieving my goal. Thank you.”

– Kath, 33, Administrator

Powerful Motivation

Calm, relaxed, Unbelievable

I was fairly new to coaching before working with Zoe, although I had studied the subject a little, I really wanted to try delving deeper into my own head and get assistance with some big decisions I was facing at that stage of my life.  My biggest issue to overcome was to decide whether to carry on renting the property that I adored and felt happy in, or whether to move back to my parents temporarily in order to be in a position to buy my own place. It seems like an easy decision to make on paper, however when I originally moved into my flat, it symbolised a move forward in my life and a security and happiness that I hadn’t experienced for a while. So, I didn’t want to risk destabilizing that.

I tried various techniques that I had learnt however due to the emotional attachment of the flat, it was difficult to see the wood for the trees. I was going around in circles and knew that a couple of other issues in my life at the time were also having an effect on my ability to think clearly and to make an informed decision.

I was worried that I would feel uncomfortable in case anything came up that I didn’t want to talk about however the sessions really did flow so smoothly and the space that Zoe allowed me to have really had an effect afterwards.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable and was happy to share my thoughts, even when dealing with the emotions that I needed to process.
After the sessions, things tended to fall into place and I could hear myself saying things that I had mentioned and looking at them from a different angle. Once I had realised what was holding me back from making the decision, it was much easier to think logically, and in a positive manner. It also taught me about my limiting beliefs that tend to hold me back, which is extremely powerful as I am still aware of this now.

I cannot recommend Zoe enough as a coach. She has an aura about her that makes you feel so calm and relaxed, and most of all that you can trust for her to lead the session in a comfortable way. The power of coaching is unbelievable and sometimes we just need to unscramble what’s in our head in order to move forward positively. There is something special about Zoe and she has really helped me move forward in my journey of self development. She’s also very lovely and naturally smiley so puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.

Kylie Peavoy, 40, Event Production Director

Calm Relaxed Unbelievable

Fantastic. Clever and captivating.

I had multiple significant changes in my life, that happened altogether, over a relatively short time space. I attended an interview for a position that would be significantly different to the role I had at the time. Doubts and fears of the change, whether I would be good enough, etc all rose to the surface. It would be the fifth of five significant changes, but almost seemed the most daunting.

Speaking with several friends and contacts, some within the industry that the appointment was for. Of course, everyone has their viewpoint; so it left me in no better position. It left me still in a 50/50 situation.
No, because an opinion from a neutral position couldn’t do me any harm.

Instead of giving her opinion, Zoe approaches the situation by asking direct and indirect questions. The way the questions are structured is both clever and captivating – in order answering them fully and honestly, they require you to fully stop and think. This results in a fully honest answer; she somehow gets you to be completely honest with yourself, in a way that I didn’t think I could. It was fantastic.

As a result, I accepted the position and I am so glad I did – I absolutely love my job! One of the best decisions I have ever made.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Zoe. Her technique is to get you to answer to yourself; her questioning is fantastic. She friendly and warm, approachable and builds comfort in the relationship easily and quickly.

– Adam, 37, Tree Surveyor

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