I Help Successful Creative Business Owners To Bring Joy Back To The Core Of What You Do

Hi, I’m Zoe, a professional life and business coach working with successful creative business owners who have lost energy and love for your business to reconnect to that creativity, enabling you to make confident business decisions with love and joy at the centre of it.

Zoe Knight - professional life and business coach


It's all about you. I love empowering creative business owners to:

– Reconnect to your internal guidance system so that you can make confident business decisions


– Trust in your own knowledge and creativity so that you can use the energy that got you to where you are to move you forward to where you want to be.


– Shift mainstream beliefs around business so you are free to run yours the way you want to from a place of flow


– Remove the fog and confusion that keeps you asking what has happened to your once joyful business so you can see and feel clearly again

"Zoe gave me the tools I needed to help myself out of a rut..."

Kath, 33, Administrator

Zoe with mug

Authorised PSYCH-K® facilitator

PSYCH-K® helps individuals to consciously and subconsciously re-perceive themselves, their circumstances, and their personal potential, in order to lead a happier and more satisfying life.


A bit about me


My journey into coaching started after a big shift in my personal life- the breakdown of my marriage. After many years of pushing the thought of coaching to the back of my mind I realised that my fears around building a business were not my own and I KNEW that it was what I was meant to be doing. I did a huge amount of my own personal growth and self development over the next few years including experiencing the power of coaching myself with various different coaches. I overcame my own money beliefs, mindset beliefs and built my own business based on who I truly want to serve and the kind of clients that I resonate with.
I am now a qualified life and business coach and mentor and I have worked with clients in countries all over the world, including America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand as well as many here in the UK.
I love helping people get really clear on the life they want and shifting their beliefs so that they know that they can have it. They deserve it. And they go and seize it!

Aside from this, I am fairly spirited and fun loving and enjoy many of the simple things in life.
I live with my two gorgeous boys in the beautiful countryside on the
Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. I love getting out in nature (you’ll probably notice this as a
theme in my pictures!) and I have a wonderful network of friends and family and I am immensely grateful for all of it.

I work with people who.

I see you. You don’t fit the normal business mould. You were born to do it differently. Navigating the business world as you have grown your own creative livelihood has been a bit of a ride for you. You’ve done it- you are a success! Now what? Now you are a business owner- yes- but foremost you are a creative, energetic, soul-sourced, passionate, driven, determined being. You were meant to carve your own path. You want to do your own thing, your own way. You tried on the business owner suit, you did things the way you were ‘supposed’ to do them, but you don’t feel comfortable wearing that suit. It isn’t you. Whilst wearing that suit to ‘get it right’ it has zapped the energy and joy from you. Things look good for you on paper. You know you ‘should’ be happy, but you have lost some of that love for what you do. The joy, the energy, the passion- gone. Everything is ticking over, but for you, something isn’t right, and you can’t quite put your finger on what that is. I can help you reconnect to that passion and bring joy back to the core of what you do. Whether that is falling back in love with your current work, or a change of direction, establishing a new and exciting path driven by that creative fuel that burns within you. I will help you remove that uncomfortable suit and gain the confidence to push forwards wearing whatever bright and colourful outfit you desire! You will get clarity of where you want to go, confidence to make bold moves and connection to your inner guidance system which always knows the right answers for you. To find out more about how we do this and what my programme entails click below.

What to expect from our coaching sessions.

  • I will get to know you and seek to gain insight and understanding.


  • We will uncover all the unhelpful thoughts feeding your mind, acknowledge them and let them go.


  • We will rediscover who you are, create a clear understanding of what you want and build the mindset to empower you to have it!


  • I will gently support and guide you towards the future you want for yourself, free from guilt and regret.

How can we work together?

  • ‘Your Joyful Business’ Coaching package


  • One to one coaching- 12 sessions spread over 6 months with full support


  • Contact me for any bespoke requirements


It All Starts with a Phone Call.

Every person is different so it’s important to uncover what your situation is. Let’s start with a discovery call and go from there.

Zoe with mug


What clients say about me...

“After speaking with Zoe she helped clarify the actions I needed to take.”

Kath, 33, Administrator

“I cannot recommend Zoe enough as a coach. She has an aura about her that makes you feel so calm and relaxed”

– Kylie P, 40, Event Production Director

“Zoe somehow gets you to be completely honest with yourself, in a way that I didn’t think I could. It was fantastic.”

– Adam, 37, Tree Surveyor

My job is to help you move forward and make space for what matters most in your work and your life.

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