Where Does Your Energy Flow?

Our energy is our intrinsic link to what our mind and body knows is best.

Have you noticed your energy? 


Do you pay attention to where it is flowing? 


To the ease and speed in which it flows? 


Our energy can give us so many clues about what is going on for us. You can really use it like a compass. 


In your business, are there areas where you notice your energy is lacking? Are you really energised about certain aspects and slow and sluggish about others? 


Do you vibrate when you are engaging with your customers but ‘drag your heels’ when it comes to writing marketing content? Does time disappear when you are absorbed in the creation of your products and services but stand still when you have a meeting about future growth of your business? 


Our energy can tell us when we are feeling good, when we are doing the right things, when we are doing what we love and it can also tell us when we are doing the wrong things, when we are working against what feels right and when we are not acknowledging what we should be doing. 


You see our energy is our intrinsic link to what our mind and body knows is best. 


I am not talking about doing tasks that we just don’t enjoy. Spreadsheets and data is not for everyone. Strategic thinking and detailed plans can make some people (okay me) recoil! However we still know that we need to do some of those task for the highest good. 


What I am talking about is doing those things that, if we truly listened, has that uncomfortable feeling with it. If it had a voice it might say something like ‘you know you don’t want to be doing this’, ‘why don’t you just stop, you know the answer’, ‘this was never why you started it, you’ve gone off the path’, ‘you don’t enjoy this anymore’. It is uncomfortable because, if you gave space to those voices, you know what they say is true. 


So it wouldn’t be the marketing that you resist, though it might not be your favourite thing to do, but the message you are putting ‘out there’. It isn’t the meeting about future growth, but where that discussion looks like it is heading. 


If you are feeling like this then I have good news. You don’t need to! Once you start listening to what your energy is telling you, and what lies behind that, then you have the opportunity to address. It. Change it. Adjust the flow back to where it wants to be and flows with ease. 


If you want help uncovering this then get in touch. I would love to help you realign and get your energy free flowing in your business once more. 

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