Time To Breathe

If you paused for a moment and asked your body right now…

“Do I need a rest?”

What might the answer be?
I am guessing for most, it would be a resounding…


And if I were to ask you- how often do you take a rest?

What would you say?

Would your body be pleased with the answer you gave? 

We all need to take time to rest and recharge- it is imperative for our wellbeing. If we don’t, it can lead to burnout.

Often, we end up getting poorly because our body is very clever and it will do what it needs to, in order to get us to rest! 

With regular rest we become more efficient...

The thing is, if we take regular times to pause and rest we actually become more efficient and can get more done.


Let me liken it to you being a watering can…

When you are permanently watering the plants (constantly giving and doing for everyone else) at some point you will run out of water (energy) and you will need to stop for some time, to be able to fill back up with water so you can start again.

If, however, you take regular short pauses to keep yourself topped up, you can continue to water all the plants in your garden (giving energy to the other areas of your life).

Rather than the imbalance of everything and then nothing, the pause is barely noticeable and there is an even, steady stream of water you can pour.

Fill your own watering can


Often in our very busy lives we ignore the low levels and keep on ‘pouring’, even when there is nothing left to give.
We may have many unhelpful thoughts-

‘we can’t afford to stop’,

‘it is wrong to rest’,

‘we have too much to do’,

‘we are lazy/feel guilty if we sit and do nothing’.

But now you see that by taking a moment here and there, to look at your own needs, you will end up being able to do more.

That is what these meetings are about.

They are your commitment to yourself to take a moment in your busy life to pause.

To breathe.

To listen inwards to the signs and messages that the wisdom of your body has for you and what you may be thinking and feeling. 

You will feel rested.


You will feel like you have taken time to ‘breathe’ properly. 


You will recharge.

You will have gotten quiet.


You will have experienced a sense of peace. 


You will feel reconnected. 

AND….. not only will this be your time to commit to yourself to take that pause for a moment each week, you will also learn  how to listen to those signs and to take those moments as and when you need them….and not feel guilty about it!

Each week we will:


  • Spend 90 minutes simply ‘being’. 
  • Experience a variety of embodiment exercises
  • Focus on some questions which will lead you to meaningful and sometimes unexpected reflection 
  • Do something creative and calming which will bring you into the present moment. 
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and others (over a hot drink and a biscuit!)

A Taste Of What's To Come...

Week One:

Sunday 8th January

Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice It Smells A Funny Colour!!!

This first week is an introduction in to how we experience the world through our senses, how this shapes much of our views and influences the experiences we have.

Week Two:

Sunday 15th January

The Body ALWAYS Wins.

This week we start to uncover (and experience) that our body is communicating with us all the time in ways that are so innate, autonomic, conditioned and on a subconscious level. Our bodies messages can run much of our lives on autopilot until we bring some awareness to it. And by not giving awareness to it we miss out on so much useful information!

Week Three:

Sunday 22nd January

The Ease Of Turning Toward….

This week you will explore how easy it is to start making positive, empowering changes in your life. Often when we think about making a change it feels hard. It can feel big. Overwhelming. Daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple shift in directing our attention to what we want can be all it takes. A small shift, a turning towards the good, choosing awareness – it can be easy.

Week Four:

Sunday 29th January

The Pinnacle Of Self Care. Boundaries!!!!

We will be looking at why they are so hard to put in place and enforce and why it is so important that we do! We will look at the different areas of our life where we want them, where we need them and how we can put them in place.

Week Five:

Sunday 5th February

The Power Of Internal Chatter.

That voice inside your head- that is one POWERFUL voice! How are you using it? I can take a guess that it isn’t always in your favour. Here we shall look at why it is so powerful, the impact it has, how the body contributes and what we can do to make it a powerful voice in our favour and start tuning out and turning down the voice that harms and tuning into and turning up the voice that heals.

Week Six:

Sunday 12th February

Weaving Webs Of Change.

This week we are going to reflect on all we have learnt and weave it all together to create a set of powerful intentions and movements that we can take forward to support us creating the true life we desire for ourselves.

Any time is the right time to take the first step towards making positive change. Right now is as good a time as any!!! 

That said, we are creatures of habit. We are cyclical. We like timelines and calendars. The new year is a wonderful time when many people want to make changes and set new, inspiring intentions. So why not make this January the time for you to do that. Starting week one!!! 

By starting this series of workshops on 8th January you will spend the first six weeks of the year learning, nurturing, growing and prioritising you- what an incredible start to give yourself and set yourself up for the year that you want. 

The Details:

Location: The Pavilion, Upper Brailes

Dates: Sunday 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January and 5th and 12th February 2023

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Cost: £15 per session or £10 per session if committing to every session, which can be paid in one lump sum of £60 or a £10  weekly standing order over six weeks. 

There are limited places so any bookings will need to be paid for and will go on a first come first serve basis. 

Contact me to book your space or for more information...

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