Permission VIP Package

VIP package including 2 hour workshop, personalised audio track plus a 60 minute one to one session with me after the workshop.


A 2 hour online workshop including embodiment exercises, journaling and reflection with Embodiment Coach and workshop facilitator Zoe Knight.

In addition to the below, you will also receive a personalised audio track – an affirmation/visualisation recording based on your own permissions that surfaced from the workshop PLUS a 60 minute one to one session with me after the workshop to expand on your learnings, work through any obstacles and embed new habits.

Includes a recording of the session along with any slides, so that you can return to the work at any point, if you need a reminder of the permission you choose to grant yourself.

  • Go on a journey of self-discovery, helping you understand why you struggle to give yourself permission to slow down.
  • Break free from the guilt and fear that often accompany taking a step back, and instead, embrace the importance of self-care as a key ingredient for success and happiness.
  • Learn practical techniques and strategies for granting yourself permission to pause, rest and recharge.