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I KNOW that you want to change some element of your life and you have already taken action towards that.

If you have landed here on this page, you have taken time, which is one of our most precious commodities, to get here and to find out more.

So let me tell you more!

The people who make the most changes are the ones who take the most action.

The clients I see who get the best results do so through taking action. Just as you have already taken action to arrive here.

Recognising things aren’t as you want them – that you want to feel different or for something to be different – is often the first step.

Acknowledging those feelings in itself can be tough. Then looking at options and seeking solutions. And don’t be mistaken- it does take work to make changes.

It takes as much ‘unlearning’ of our conditioning, often from our childhoods, and all the learnt behaviours, habitual thought patterns and disempowering beliefs, as it does to create new empowering ones that serve.


Often there will be some discomfort in the process – either uncovering those thoughts and feelings, challenging what we know and facing the challenges and situations that require us to change so we can get to where we want to be.

But it CAN be done. AND it doesn’t have to be really painful. 

“…yes there have been tears but she’s great at calmly allowing emotion to happen, and helping to release any inner confusion. When I leave a session with her I invariably feel lighter and more positive, and like I can do something to control my future.”

–  Jo Ciriani

My style of coaching is immensely supportive and compassionate. Yes, there will be some emotional moments – after all there is a very important reason driving you to work with me in the first place – but our focus is on the future. On the positive steps you need to take and what you can do. 

And the best part – ALL the answers come from YOU.

My strong belief is that everyone has the best answers within them.


What is right for one person is not right for the next. So I will not be telling you to do anything you don’t want to do.

I may encourage you to look at something from a different perspective, to widen your view of what is possible (and who wouldn’t want a wider view of possibilities?!) but my job is to help you uncover the answers for yourself.

This approach has never not worked!

When a person finds their own answers it just feels right.

It isn’t like when you ask your friends and family for advice but it doesn’t feel quite right.

You know that feeling – when your body is resisting the advice – there is a reason for that.

Your body knows. It is immensely wise. So, by listening to your own signals and messages you will find your best solutions.

And boy does it feel good!

Gaining Clarity...

An exercise that can be really helpful to clarify what we are feeling and what me might want to do is to pause a moment and ask some deeper questions. Either writing down the answers, or simply giving it the thought space, see what comes for you from the following questions:

It might be a really simple next step and you can see clearly what to do.

It might be that actually you aren’t ready for change or you don’t want to do it yet.

Or it might be that this highlights that you really do want to make change but you can’t see how, or that it is possible. If that is you, then that is where I can help!

Your Exclusive Offer

There are normally three ways to work with me one-to-one. Something about my flyer spoke to you so you may be ready to make a change, however perhaps committing to a 6 or 12 session coaching package feels a bit daunting when you aren’t sure what it is all about.
Therefore I would like to offer you a…

One-off Focus Session

Targeted on improving exactly what it is that is needed for you right now. You know, the reason you’re here reading this, the thing that made you take a closer look at my flyer.

During one ninety minute session I will guide you through gentle exploration to uncover the thoughts, feelings and emotions bubbling away under the surface, to tune in and listen inwards to yourself, gain an understanding of the root of the issue and clarity on where to go from here. 

All for just £120.


But that’s not all!

Change is a process. It’s an ongoing experience not just a one-off, and real change takes time. If, after you have experienced the power of coaching through this focus session offer, you decide that you would like to continue your journey with me to make long lasting change, then I shall discount the £120 off my six or twelve session packages, whichever you choose. 


OR to put it another way…


You can access one of my full packages (six or twelve sessions) for £120 LESS than the normal cost AND gain an extra ninety minute of professional embodiment coaching for no extra cost!


Does this sound good? If you would like to get started and make change then contact me now and we can book in this session. Simply tell me you would like the focus session offer and we can get the ball rolling. 

Get In Touch Now

To arrange a free chat.

07793 293 616

Not quite ready yet?

Maybe all of this sounds good but you’re just not quite ready yet. That’s okay. This offer won’t last for ever but I’ll still be here to support you further down the road when the time is right.


Until then, you may like to join my mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming events, offers and new services as well as messages of inspiration. 


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Be first to hear about my news, offers, inspirations and events. Join my mailing list below.

Be first to hear about my news, offers, inspirations and events. Join my mailing list below.

Find out more about my packages

What Do You Get?

What Do You Get?


Get crystal clear on what you want, where the joy is missing and what you need to be doing so that you can bring the joy back to the core of what you do.



Reconnect to your own unique inner guidance system and learn how to tune in and listen to it so that you can make the best decisions that are right for both you and your business.


Discover what false beliefs have been keeping you stuck and how to release them so that you can move forward with confidence on your new, clear path.


Powerful Motivation

What Are The Options?

Three Month
Joy Discovery

Uncovering, exploring, gaining clarity, removing blocks- these sessions will lead to self discovery, self understanding and self empowerment with renewed energy and a clear way forward


Six Month
Joyous Journey

This journey leads to complete transformation not only in practical areas of your life but also the way you think and your approach and response to your future life and business experiences
best value


Joy Discovery   ●   Joyous Journey

Joy Discovery

Joyous Journey

Both of these packages are designed to provide you with support and guidance whilst you gain clarity and confidence and transform an area of your life. The packages allow you to find the option that suits you best.

Joy Discovery

Joyous Journey

These sessions will be bespoke to you and we will be working on anything that shows up for you however I can guarantee that if you are open to exploring and new ways of thinking, if you commit to taking action, then you WILL feel clearer, calmer and confident in your future. 


No more feeling stuck and lethargic. 


No more feeling like you are wading through treacle. 


No more feeling like you can’t see the wood for the trees. 


No more being in a fog that you can’t see out of. 


I have worked with hundreds of people and witnessed the shifts that are possible to make when that veil of fog lifts and all becomes clear. 


It is a beautiful, powerful and often emotional thing to see and I can’t wait to guide you there and witness that in you. 

Get in touch now to discover how we can move you closer to joy

07793 293 616